Sunday, 13 March 2011

Just one more reason NOT to swallow

(Party #721)
I met a lady at my party tonight who told me you could get throat cancer from giving oral sex. I figured this was just some lame story she made up so she wouldn’t have to give her man a blowjob anymore. And by the way, since this is MY blog I can say things like “Blowjob". Unlike the suggested terms I was given in my Fantasia training like, “oral lovemaking” – I mean let’s be honest and call it what it can sometimes be… a JOB! I've heard a lot of terms for the deed, but I think my favourite so far is, "Mouth Hug" - how cute.

Anyways, I thought I better do a little research on this subject – I definitely don’t want throat cancer!!
So I came home and looked into it. I found a lot of articles on this matter and wouldn't you know it, it’s actually TRUE! New studies have shown that the same virus that causes cervical cancer, human papillomavirus or better known as HPV, is the principal cause of throat cancer.

I guess the bottom line is to be careful! (Duh! Winning!) If you don’t know much about your partner, then you’d better wrap it before your tongue slaps it!

I just realized something… doesn’t Michael Douglas have throat cancer?

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